Power for Ireland





Changing electricity supplier is comparatively easy as long as you follow the instructions on the website. Please see this link for more information We have also listed a few important points below, although this list is not comprehensive and you should refer to The website for more information.

  • Changing supplier is free & there is no charge for this service
  • Estimate your existing consumption (units or kWh) per year from last year’s bills
  • Compare the amount of electricity you used last year (over 12 months) with the costs per unit/kWh that are advertised
  • Also remember to add in an extra amount if there has been a price increase in your electricity over the last 12 months if you are using last year's comsumption figures and bills.
  • Different tariffs will apply to different usage rates, different types of customer, or how you pay your bill. Domestic customers pay different tariffs than businesses
  • Some suppliers offer discounts to customers who decide to get their bills online- this is OK but it then means that you would no longer receive bills in the post and it would be your own responsibility to check your bills on the internet and to make sure that you pay them on time. This is obvious but do not sign up for online billing unless you can access the internet reliably and regularly when you need to, to check and pay your bills.

See also, a price comparison website. We cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the content of this site although this site may help you compare the costs of various energy and electricity suppliers